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Jewellery has been a passion of mine since my teenage years – selling it, wearing it, making it and collecting it!
After teaching myself the basics in silversmithing and lampworking (glass bead making), I attended workshops at The London Jewellery School, Mangobeads, Barnstaple and with Kristina Logan and Davide Penso in Murano, Venice, Italy.
I like to make sterling silver jewellery that incorporates my glass beads and since I am a bit of a  magpie and love anything that sparkles. I also like to add Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones to my designs. Making my own beads ensures that my designs are truly original, one-off pieces.

In addition to my jewellery making I also make fused glass items. Bowls, pictures, platters, Sun-catchers, Christmas decorations, splashbacks and tiles to name but a few!
If you would like to commission something special for yourself, be it a piece of glass art, an item of sterling silver jewellery or some unique hand made beads then please get in touch.

Precious Jewellery & Glass

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